martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Look Fantastic Fake Tan Haul and In Other News......

I came home from work early and felt inspired to do a blogpost. As if getting out of work five hours early and also still getting paid for it wasn't amazing enough, when I walked in the front door there was a parcel from Look Fantastic.

I was clean out of fake tan so a couple of days ago I went online shopping for more because frankly I'm not ready just yet to be pale again. Grrrr Winter!!!!

I chose a couple of tans I haven't tried before.

I love mousse self tanners so I got the Xen Tan one and also thought I'd give He-Shi a go as well. I have a problem when I shop online in that I can never order just one thing. When that hauling urge takes over there is no stopping me, but what the heck!

I also got the Xen Tan mitt which feels way softer and more velvety than my Superdrug one by the way so I can't wait to try it.

By the way at the moment on Look Fantastic when you buy the He-Shi self tan you get a free exfoliating body wash with it, which is always nice.

So far I've only taken the lid off the Xen Tan mousse as I was curious about the smell (in Youtube videos people always seem to rave about the scents) and OMG it is YUM. Even nicer than the dark lotion which I tried recently.

P.S Why it's called 'Dark Lotion' is beyond me. I have gone darker with gradual tanners to be honest.

So as the title of this post suggests, I do have other news.

Work has been stressful lately so on the way home today I felt it necessary to drop into Costa and also pick up some biccies, hehe.

Stuffing my face with this little lot and tweeting to you lovelies definitely helped me feel better :)

Another way I love to chill out and forget about stupid work issues is watching the box.

If you are waiting for me to start on about intellectual and quality TV shows, look away now as my viewing taste is trashy to say the least.

Right now I lurve......
  • Deal Or No Deal (Channel 4)
  • Dinner Date (ITV)
  • Come Dine With Me (Channel 4)
  • Dragons Den (BBC2)
  • Ultimate Big Brother (Channel 4)
  • The Inbetweeners (Channel 4)
Told you it was trash ;)

Anyway, back to The Inbetweeners...... OMG I'm loving it.

My new boyfriend lent me his DVDs of series 1 and 2 and now I'm hooked. It is hilarious. My favourite character is Jay Cartwright. His foul mouth totally suits my crude sense of humour. He makes me crack up. I cannot wait for series three to start next Monday on channel 4. Hehe, I just totally plugged it didn't I!

A few weeks ago I saw a book on Tali's blog that I knew I was going to get as soon as possible. I ordered it from Play (they do good prices on books) and it's the next in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella featuring Rebecca Bloomwood.

I love these books and they are among only a select few I can read again and again. It's the same with the Shopaholic film based on the book, I can watch that endlessly and never get bored.

Ooo before I go I just thought I'd share my eyeshadow combo of the moment. All are by MAC of course.

The colours are from top to bottom Shroom, Amber Lights and Mulch. Shroom is a highlighter on the browbone, Amber Lights goes on the crease and Mulch in the socket.

I love these colours together because they seem to be the perfect combination for my blue eyes. I have been wearing them literally every day and people have even said my eyes look bluer. I think Amber Lights is one of the most beautiful colours I've seen and I love packing it on with my MAC 239 brush. I also run a little of it under my eye with the same brush.

So what is your eye shadow combo at the moment? Give me some ideas.


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