martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Bronzers To Suit My Mood

So last night I got this sudden urge to go to Westfield to buy face products. I'm sure you all know the feeling. I was craving new make up so badly I even missed the beginning of the Ultimate Big Brother final to go in search of new bronzers and foundation.

I knew I wanted another Soleil Tan De Chanel/Bronze Universel as this is my HG cream bronzer but then I figured I would buy a powder bronzer too for days when I want to use powder products to bronze and set my make up. I also was looking for a foundation which I knew would end up being Revlon Colorstay in 150-Buff. I always seemed to go back to this. It's such a lovely product and I feel like I can always rely on it.

Lyra always likes to have a sniff of what I buy, hehe.

And here are the two bronzing products I purchased, opened:

Inglot Bronzing Powder in 75 and Soleil Tan De Chanel

One brand I've never tried for Bronzers is Inglot. I am very impressed with the quality of their pressed powder which I use over foundation. It is velvety soft when swatched and gives a luminous, soft finish to make up and most importantly, it lasts.

For reference I'm number 13 in the pressed powder and here's what it looks like.

I don't know why it has photographed so pink toned. It is more natural looking in real life, though it is definitely more pink than yellow toned.

They had four powder bronzers available in the store, one of which was out of stock and there was no tester. That was kind of annoying but number 75 seemed good enough for me.

One thing that I maybe would say about all Inglot powder products, including eye shadows, is that they are extremely powdery. I took a photo of my new bronzer after a couple of swatches to show you this.

So as a result of this there is a bit of waste if you blow away the remaining powder after use. The powder residue is probably there because the product is so finely milled. As far as I'm concerned it's not a problem as I love the feel of the two Inglot powders I have and will definitely repurchase. I used the bronzing powder today and it gave a lovely subtle effect, with absolutely no orange tinge at all. I am pretty pale and even though this looks dark in the pan it is nice and subtle but buildable.

And I've included a couple of swatches of the bronzers for you. One is in normal light and the other is with the sun shining onto the swatches.

Left: Chanel Right: Inglot (Normal Light)


I love bronzers! Yay!

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