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I'm Obsessed With Candles

Today we're talking scented candles. Maybe I don't read enough blogs but I don't really see too many posts about candle collections even though we seem to be constantly nattering about them on Twitter.

So onto the scented, waxy goodness.

Here are the candles I'm currently burning.

Back row: Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie, The White Company Winter, Archipelago Peony

Front Row: The White Company Cassis, NEOM Invigorate, Yankee Candle Clean Cotton

My absolute favourites right now are from the White Company. I've known about them for ages but have never really taken much notice until the other day when I saw the 'Winter' candle in Selfridges. This utterly gorgeous candle is basically Christmas in a bee-yoo-tiful jar. You smell it and I'm not joking all you can do with yourself is feel festive. It is uh-mazing. It has scents of cinnamon, clove and orange and I really recommend you go sniff it.

The White Company Winter. Stunning packaging.

Another thing I love about this candle is that it has three wicks so it should burn evenly. If you read my 'things I'm loving this week' post two posts ago, you'll have heard me grumbling about my Archipelago Peony candle which only has one wick in the centre. It looks awful after burning so unevenly due to the single wick. That post also describes the scent of it.

I can't wait to start burning Winter and will probably have it on while I put my Christmas decorations up.

So with the three wicks in the Winter candle it is very similar to my second favourite brand of candle, NEOM Organics.

The first one I tried from them was the Happiness candle which is absolutely lush and I plan to put it on my Christmas list as I need another. I love how with NEOM the wax looks so creamy and good quality. The other one I am currently trying is Invigorate. The scents in this are grapefruit, bergamot and lime. I've nearly finished this candle and to be honest I prefer the smell of when it's not burning. When it is alight it's just not the same and is also quite weak. It is still a quality candle though and the burning scent of it is down to personal taste. The NEOM candles are large with beautiful packaging, and use vegetable wax and essential oils which justifies the price tag of around £40. 

The price of the Winter candle from The White Company is £55 and is considerably larger than the NEOM. It is made of refined mineral wax. I'm not too sure about what this is and whether or not it's as good as vegetable wax. The other candle I'm enjoying from The White Company is Cassis. I purchased this in the smaller size for £20. This scent is reminiscent of berries and is quite fruity consisting of cassis, blackberries and cedar.

The last two candles are by Yankee Candle. I'm not a massive fan of Yankee anymore since trying NEOM and White Company. I have Clean Cotton and Christmas Cookie which are nice fragrances but once lit, I find them quite heady and sickly. Also the top of the jars seem to go black despite the fact I ensure the wicks are short before burning.

What are your favourite candles and candle brands? If you've done a post on them or know of any posts on them that you think I'd like to read, please link me to them below.

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