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A Couple of Product Raves - REN and Origins

I feel the need to tell you about some great products I've discovered recently and have been loving using.

First up, REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

Glycolic/glycolatic seems to be the word on us bloggers' highly glossed lips at the moment. And I would imagine most of us own the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Glycolic Acid. 

This 'peel' mask (as in it kinda emulates a facial peel I guess) works in the same way as the Alpha H to brighten up our complexion, by getting rid of all the dead skin cells, combatting spots and blemishes and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

I'm all for products that will brighten my skin and also reduce fine lines. Being in my 30's has turned me into a bit of an anti-aging obsessive. I'll try anything, lol.

So I've used this a few times and I'm really quite happy with it. It has a thick gel consistency and has what I think is supposed to be a fruity apricot-y maybe papaya kind of scent. It's neither unpleasant nor particularly pleasant in my opinion. It also comes with a muslin cloth that you are supposed to use to rinse it off with. I don't use it though, as I prefer to use the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask Sponges to remove face masks.

The directions say to apply the glycolactic mask to clean skin on the face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. I always leave masks on for longer than this (like 20 minutes) as I just feel it gives them more time to work, but it's not necessary.

After I've rinsed off the mask my skin feels soooooo smooth, it's incredible. And after I've applied my Hydraluron serum and Antipodes moisturiser my skin just seems to glow underneath them. 

Apparently it's normal to get a tingling sensation from this mask. And although I get this with the Alpha H, I don't experience it at all with the REN. But then Alpha H is pure acid and this mask isn't.

I can't say I've noticed an improvement with my blemishes from using this but then I do tend to chop and change my face masks so I guess more constant use would be more accurate for a review of the spots and blemishes aspect of it.

However, as far as immediate results go, I cannot fault this product and will repurchase for sure. The fact that there are no parabens, mineral oils and other nasties in this product is also a bonus.

This retails at £30 for 50 ml. 

Ok, onto Origins, a brand I cannot get enough of.

I have been enjoying the All-Purpose High-Elevation Cream for dry skin relief.

The fact I use a cream for 'dry skin relief' makes it seem like my skin is massively dry. This is not the case but I have definitely noticed more dryness in the last couple of years so I must admit I do enjoy slapping on quite rich creams. I like my skin to look glowy and radiant, and I feel this is more likely to happen if I use thicker creams to keep it quenched with moisture.

This is a bit of a multi purpose cream which I really like. It can be used anywhere from your tummy to your face to your hands. Sunflower oil and Shea butter are some of the nourishing ingredients. The smell of this cream is nothing to shout about, I think the oils in it are what comprise most of the scent. I can't really describe it but it's not sweet at all, just basic but not too unpleasant. Although it might not be everyone's cup of tea so I would recommend having a sniff before buying to be honest.

In texture, the cream is quite thick, not runny at all but it sinks in effortlessly, leaving no residue. Although on the face, unless you have seriously, seriously dry skin you may notice a slight dewy film but I don't mind that in this cream as I only use it at night so it doesn't matter if my skin looks a bit shiny. I actually quite like using creams at night that leave a bit of residue. It makes me feel like they are doing something. I know that's probably wrong but I enjoy it. 

Sorry if I'm being dumb but one thing that confused me on the packaging is that it says 'this hydrator is specifically created for the mile-high moisture needs of our customers in Denver, Colorado'. I haven't noticed anything like this written on a cream before and I found it a bit strange, almost like the cream isn't for me as I don't live in Denver, lol?!

What does this mean Origins? 

I've also been taking this out with me in my handbag to use as a hand cream. It's such a great multi tasker and a product I will buy time and time again.

This retails for £23 for 75 ml.

Have you tried either of these products? What are your opinions on them?

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